Dating the 973

Dating the 973

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A Night At the Asbury/Halloween 2017

Halloween, trick or treating, and carved out blumpkins are on the agenda:   Now, parallel to my efforts to pull a piece for Friday night, I also schemed up a way to find a cushy landing for this Halloween Eve’s eve: A hostess from a bar I went to last year in Asbury Park on… Read more

A Race to Friday Night

Big night coming up on Saturday (10/28/2017): Halloween in Asbury Park, NJ.  Now, how to best fill my Friday night before the show: So, I oiled up my Tinder and Bumble profiles until they were ready to go: So, I started my swiping on Monday.  After each match rolled in I’d start a conversation.  And… Read more

Cape Cock, Part 2

So, as we said last time, something is going on with Cape Cod and I.  Cape Cod, she of the 250 miles away and the daily nudy pics, is not my usual pursuit.  Usual pursuit is pronounced ‘bloh-ing lohds’, by the way.  Perhaps I’m craving something different with her, something I dare not attempt to… Read more