Dry Spell

The weather has started to get cooler and the leaves are beginning to change.  This marks a very important time for all of those dating-It’s the commitment season.  The commitment season is the season right after summer where single people are looking for someone serious to settle down with for a long winter’s nap.


The summer was fun.  You went to the beach, you hung by the pool, and you enjoyed your freedom.  This phenomenon occurs amongst the single people.  All singles start to pair off.  I think it has to do with the holidays.  No one wants to be alone for the holidays.  Or maybe the cold weather begs for someone to cuddle with.  But what happens if you want to pair off but you have reached a dry spell.


The options on match have made me delete the app for the 3rd time.  I have reached the end of my eligible guys on bumble.  I don’t even have a back burner guy to call.


As I dig deeper into this, I don’t think it is lack of options.  My heart isn’t into it.  I don’t want to spend the time and the energy to invest to get to know someone.  I don’t want to do the basic boring banter that goes along with texting someone for the first time.  I don’t feel like investing time in another date where I can’t wait to leave.  I don’t feel like having to text the dude the next day to tell him that I’m not interested.  And no I’m not depressed.  I’m exhausted. And I need a dating vacation.


I almost wonder if it is the universe is telling me that I should stay single right now.  The universe is telling me that my time is not now.  The universe is telling me to stop looking and be in the moment.  The universe is telling me that I have enough on my plate at this current moment.  The universe is telling me that I don’t have the time to invest in someone else.

So for once, I am going to listen to the universe and focus on myself.  I’m sure in a couple months, I will upload the app, my potential dates on bumble will repopulate, and I will once again begin to swipe.


Or am I waiting for tomorrow’s friend date…



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