Mr. Perfect?

Dating goes in waves.  Sometimes you are swiping and connecting daily, and sometimes you can’t bear to deal with it.  This is normal.  Take a break when you are not feeling it.  If your heart isn’t into it-don’t do it!

It was time to log onto Match again and I narrowed in on him immediately.  It was the green eyes and the bow tie.  Adorable.  We connect and move into a glorious banter.  He’s clever, fun, and  interesting.  Jackpot!  First issue I see is that he lives over an hour away.  But I still move forward.

Every single girl needs an impartial party to do her stalking.  I activate my stalking network-which consists of a good guy friend with this incredible ability to find out everything on the internet.  And what we find out is that he is a friend of a friend, and a good guy.  (Bonus points!)

So, we meet half way at a restaurant and he drives his motorcycle to meet me (Bonus points here).

He is kind, thoughtful, family focused, and handsome.  Those eyes!!  Great date ended with a fantastic kiss and plans for the next day.

Date number 2 is just as perfect.  Great dinner ,drinks, and a movie.  Complete with a hook up in the front seat of his car.  BTW the Lincoln MKS is perfect for a front seat hook up.  I am giddy with excitement for a potential boyfriend.  He seems to check all boxes.

Then it happens…a text comes through.  (see attached)

This joke.  I have no words.  All of a sudden I was dating a 13 year old boy.  All the excitement went out the window along with my attraction to him.  Dried up…gone.

But it doesn’t end there…I get another. (see attached)


And this was the end of Mr. Perfect.





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