My Three Girlfriends, Part 2

So, I thought we could begin this beginning with an ending.  Last time, we spoke about doing just that with Litaly:

One day had gone by, then another.   Before I knew it, it had been a week.  I assumed that Litaly knew this wasn’t going to go in the direction she wanted and knew when to fold them.  I just didn’t count on Litaly being a stubborn self-learner.  On the 8th day this miniature Jolie resurfaced:

Ok.  Whatever.  If there was any bit of conscience that I had before with this, now it’s really disappeared; what happens from here on out is on her.  My plane is cleared for takeoff.

Meanwhile, one night I thought it might similarly end with Guidish:

But, I then flipped the script on her during dinner:

And that’s the story of why girlfriend #1 and #2 put up with me.  To them, a little bit of David Shepard is better than no bits of David Shepard.  So, for the foreseeable future I can look forward to weekly updates like these:

The only downside to fucking two girls and talking to even more is that you can’t game plan for the unexpected:

Even when in violation with my own rules for dating multiple girls it still doesn’t matter.

So, two is fun, three’s company if you count Cape Cod, and now I’m looking for new girl #4 to add into the mix.  Even my neighbors know the deal.  Loca’s apparently ready to give a little home decorating advice:

But, before we get to girlfriend #4, let’s not forget about girlfriend #3.  I think in Philly I found a girl candidate in the phlesh, but my real girlfriend #3, who could be girlfriend #1, is my Cape Cod prize.  No, I’ve never met her, I only know her face from a few pictures, but what she and I share is still an undeniable connection:

But it goes beyond just flirting: Without realizing it, I’m actually letting this girl inside and open me up:

I realize, too, the irony is that this closeness is only happening because I can keep her at a safe distance:

But I can’t deny that even if these feelings are not real, they sure feel real:

So, Cape Cod and I come to an understanding that whatever this is, real or imagined, it is mutually beneficial:

Something is brewing here, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  So, with another update in the books, I figured it would be apropos to wrap all this up and inform The Wife accordingly:

“Don’t think I could take any more on the roster” LOL. Philly unfinished girlfriend #4 business is on the horizon.  Plus, with The Greek right around the corner, there’s always girlfriends #5-#25 to be had:

And, despite all the “feelers” I have out there in the ladyverse, there’s always another thing brewing in the back of my mind…


I’m a divorced dude living and dating in New Jersey. This blog is my story told through a first-person view of my text messages to my friends and/about my dates.