The Silver Bullet

The holidays are a dangerous time of year for singles. Any other time of year singles have life on lockdown. Spring? We are traveling. Summer? That is our jam; flip flopping carefree. Fall? Wine tasting and riding boots. Cakewalk. But when that 1st frost appears you know what is coming. Your family plans Thanksgiving Dinner… Read more

The Infestation

  I often seek out New Englanders on the dating apps.  There is an immediate connection and kinship.  I may be biased but New Englanders are some of the funniest people I have ever met.  I find Kevin*, an uber-successful Philadelphia businessman.  The man is clever and smart, quick witted and mature.  We arrange a… Read more

This is Dating???

Dating at 40 is weird and fun all rolled into one messy evening. It all starts on the dating apps.  THE APPS ARE ALL THE SAME and if you live in a small town like me, it’s the same guys on all different apps.  The first thing you need to do is invest in major… Read more


I was able to fill in my time with another gentleman named Ted*.  Ted also was newly separated.  (Yes, you are sensing a theme).  Ted was sweet, a gentleman, and a bit of a dork.  We would banter back and forth but I felt his banter was missing something. Oh yeah, I know:  humor.  Ted… Read more


It really stinks when you meet a great guy but he’s not ready.  All divorced people are on different timelines.  And these timelines suck. Some are at the beginning of this journey, where feelings consist of overwhelming  sadness, anger, and lust.  And there is such intensity to the feelings.    But the intensity comes from a… Read more

Mr. Perfect?

Dating goes in waves.  Sometimes you are swiping and connecting daily, and sometimes you can’t bear to deal with it.  This is normal.  Take a break when you are not feeling it.  If your heart isn’t into it-don’t do it! It was time to log onto Match again and I narrowed in on him immediately. … Read more

Dry Spell

The weather has started to get cooler and the leaves are beginning to change.  This marks a very important time for all of those dating-It’s the commitment season.  The commitment season is the season right after summer where single people are looking for someone serious to settle down with for a long winter’s nap.  … Read more

His Girlfriend

The day I decided to move forward with the divorce, was the saddest day of my life.  It was not just sad because of my ended marriage but sad for the unknown future that I was about to face.  I realized that I had a choice to stay in a marriage where I didn’t trust… Read more

Arrival: Is this really happening?

How did I wake up at 40 with two kids, alone in my bed, scrolling through a dating app?  Crap. Yes, I am divorced. I don’t think anyone grows up saying, “I hope I get divorced,” or, “My goal in life is to be divorced.”   I was a believer in the picket fence:  2.5 kids,… Read more


The swiping has started again.  I logged back onto BUMBLE and dove right in.  My pictures are updated and my bio is tight.  I set my radius to 15 miles.  Within the first weekend, I have multiple prospects.  These guys are attractive, educated, have careers, and are balancing kids too.  This is excellent and I… Read more