The Month of the Mini

My single girlfriends complain that their friends and family hound them regarding dating discretion. Do you think you’re being too closed-minded? Are you sure it was that bad? Give that one another chance, how bad is the criminal record anyway? I feel for the ladies who are left to defend themselves or ignore the barrage… Read more

Flabby Cadabra

Just imagine the joy on my face when I get this randomly pumping through my phone via FB Messenger: Actually, my first thought was “Wtf is this?”  So, I clicked on this mystery girl’s profile and recognized her instantly: After Pearl and I were done, and before online dating got into my blood, I saw… Read more

Dial 846337 For Long Distance

September 30, 2017 A long-distance weekend getaway for no particular reason at all.  Cape Cod, Massachusetts is the destination.  I’m going pretty deep in the Cape, nearly all the way to the tip, in fact.  The journey began for me in true David Shepard fashion: So, with not much time at all, I decided to… Read more

Wedding Ring Night

I love social experiments, and not too hard to find a little inspiration. The goal of this mission is simple: To test out the theory that being a married man is no obstacle to getting play. I prefer not to call myself a blogger but, rather, a playwright, since I aim to spin works of… Read more

Litaly, Part 2

I like Litaly.  Starting just with the physical, she kind of looks like Angelina Jolie with these great, full lips and similar eyes.  That is, if Angelina Jolie was 4’11” and had slightly bigger boobs.  Yes, I am awful. Beyond the superficial, where I rarely venture, it should be noted that Litaly comes from a… Read more

David Shepard 3.0

I made mention right at the start of Blog Zero that I had just broken up with a girl.  That girl’s name was Tinker Bell.  She looked just like her, and she was magical in other ways, too: Great in bed, hypersexual, smart, funny, and we generally thought about things in the same way.  In… Read more

A Dating App Called Facebook

I recently decided to become the last person on the planet to join Facebook.  I’m not sure why I even did it.  But, now that I was there, I figured I better make up for lost time and stalk every girl I have ever known.  Welcome to my new dating app: Assbook. To be perfectly… Read more


Even my oneitis has oneitis. This may have been mentioned before.  Oneitis, aka fuckmylife-itis.  Beta males in rehab sometimes regress on their journey to becoming an alpha male. It all started here:   I chew on that last part quite often. This is the text that I sent to an ex, Pearl, who had rejected… Read more