Litaly (Little Italy) quickly became the front runner during my time swiping on Tinder.  I loved her profile statement, too: We hit it off right away on the app: I quickly got her off the app onto my phone.  But, before going out on a date, it’s customary to do a little background check on… Read more


Tinder is about as close to true love as it gets for me. I always like opening my presents early. Tinder has a decidedly different “feel” than Bumble: Almost shocked that the profiles didn’t say ‘looking for a serious relationship’ Tinder is the gift that keeps on giving.  On Tinder, there is everything… We have… Read more


I had recently reconnected with an old friend on Facebook in September 2017.  Shortly after that, I received a friend request from a person in common to both of us: His wife’s sister.  Meet Indiana: Indiana, from Indiana, has a stereotypical midwestern look.  Not what I’m going for, but with blue eyes, piercings, and tatts… Read more

Operation ONS

Operation One Night Stand (Operation ONS; 8/19/2017) My dating life agenda for the 973 operates in the following manner: Sunday is swipe day, where I load up a new deck of Bumble and/or Tinder girls Reserve one weekend night for a date (or two) Reserve the other weekend night for trying to pick chicks up… Read more


Hillsborough, NJ: The bat country of dating.  Good spots for finding single girls in Jersey do not include Hillsborough.  When Money Magazine promotes Hillsborough as a top 50 place to live in the USA, they do not include David Shepard’s vote in their polls. My single scene of choice is Morristown, NJ.  Morristown will be… Read more


If no one else thinks you’re a star, at least you do. I matched with Hollywood on Bumble, but I started to get that old familiar feeling on this one: It was her: The petite, pretty blonde girl from high school who I graduated with.  What are the odds of this?  Now, 40, she looks… Read more


Corporate was another Bumblefuck…minus the fuck. There’s a certain kind of girl I go for; Corporate is not one of them.  I want educated, but not uptight.  I want someone who has a sense of adventure, who’s ok with circumventing a rule or two instead of following the well-traveled (and worn out) path.  In short,… Read more

Manosaurus Wrecks

My first match that I was excited about was this half Asian/half white girl on Bumble.  She looked really good, in shape, and “exotic”, too.  Yes, I understand that’s racist, and I don’t care. But before we get to where we’re going, all I knew—or know in any online dating vacuum situation—was pics, profile statement,… Read more


BUMBLEFUCK Bumble launch; 8/13/2017 Bumble is a Tinder clone.  It is a “swiping” app, where you are presented with a virtual card deck of your gender-of-interest’s dating profiles.  Before I get into Bumble there needs to be a discussion about Tinder in case anyone here is new, or just wants my take on it. Tinder… Read more