Flabby Cadabra

Just imagine the joy on my face when I get this randomly pumping through my phone via FB Messenger: Actually, my first thought was “Wtf is this?”  So, I clicked on this mystery girl’s profile and recognized her instantly: After Pearl and I were done, and before online dating got into my blood, I saw… Read more

The Bartender and The Catfish

The memory of the bartender who I met in Operation ONS stuck out in my mind like a girl using proper grammar on her Tinder bio.  I signaled to my favorite town bouncer that the lothario stampede will be coming through in just a few short days: Of course, I was being tongue in cheek,… Read more

Manosaurus Wrecks

My first match that I was excited about was this half Asian/half white girl on Bumble.  She looked really good, in shape, and “exotic”, too.  Yes, I understand that’s racist, and I don’t care. But before we get to where we’re going, all I knew—or know in any online dating vacuum situation—was pics, profile statement,… Read more