Litaly (Little Italy) quickly became the front runner during my time swiping on Tinder.  I loved her profile statement, too: We hit it off right away on the app: I quickly got her off the app onto my phone.  But, before going out on a date, it’s customary to do a little background check on… Read more


If no one else thinks you’re a star, at least you do. I matched with Hollywood on Bumble, but I started to get that old familiar feeling on this one: It was her: The petite, pretty blonde girl from high school who I graduated with.  What are the odds of this?  Now, 40, she looks… Read more


Corporate was another Bumblefuck…minus the fuck. There’s a certain kind of girl I go for; Corporate is not one of them.  I want educated, but not uptight.  I want someone who has a sense of adventure, who’s ok with circumventing a rule or two instead of following the well-traveled (and worn out) path.  In short,… Read more

Manosaurus Wrecks

My first match that I was excited about was this half Asian/half white girl on Bumble.  She looked really good, in shape, and “exotic”, too.  Yes, I understand that’s racist, and I don’t care. But before we get to where we’re going, all I knew—or know in any online dating vacuum situation—was pics, profile statement,… Read more

Blog Zero

My name is David Shepard.  I’m a 40-year-old divorcee from New Jersey.  It took a lot of work to get here.  Here is a blog about my awesome dating life.  Enjoy. Context The thing about context is, where do you begin?  I could start with marriage, divorce, any point in my two years after my… Read more