Cape Cock, Part 2

So, as we said last time, something is going on with Cape Cod and I.  Cape Cod, she of the 250 miles away and the daily nudy pics, is not my usual pursuit.  Usual pursuit is pronounced ‘bloh-ing lohds’, by the way.  Perhaps I’m craving something different with her, something I dare not attempt to… Read more

Cape Cock, Part 1

Why have a pen pal when you can have a pen fuck buddy?  You do remember Cape Cod, don’t you? Cape Cod and I started texting and we found out we had a lot in common beyond just texting: Sexting. Did I mention her Jersey roots yet?  Well, she even came to visit family in… Read more

Dial 846337 For Long Distance

September 30, 2017 A long-distance weekend getaway for no particular reason at all.  Cape Cod, Massachusetts is the destination.  I’m going pretty deep in the Cape, nearly all the way to the tip, in fact.  The journey began for me in true David Shepard fashion: So, with not much time at all, I decided to… Read more


Tinder is about as close to true love as it gets for me. I always like opening my presents early. Tinder has a decidedly different “feel” than Bumble: Almost shocked that the profiles didn’t say ‘looking for a serious relationship’ Tinder is the gift that keeps on giving.  On Tinder, there is everything… We have… Read more