My Three Girlfriends, Part 2

So, I thought we could begin this beginning with an ending.  Last time, we spoke about doing just that with Litaly: One day had gone by, then another.   Before I knew it, it had been a week.  I assumed that Litaly knew this wasn’t going to go in the direction she wanted and knew when… Read more

My Three Girlfriends, Part 1

October 12-14, 2017 I was doing business down in Philadelphia, and I was a two-timing man these days.  Two girls in the flesh and one in the abstract.  So, to recap, there’s Litaly, there’s Guidish, and there’s Cape Cod.  However, if you remember, I started to fade Litaly after a recent dating faux pas of… Read more

The World Is My Clam

For the people who are reading this blog, if you are separated, divorced, or even contemplating, a fear of yours should never be, “How am I ever going to meet someone again?”  Because, have no fear, the world has no shortages of opportunities for you that go well beyond online dating, as long as you… Read more

Litaly, Part 2

I like Litaly.  Starting just with the physical, she kind of looks like Angelina Jolie with these great, full lips and similar eyes.  That is, if Angelina Jolie was 4’11” and had slightly bigger boobs.  Yes, I am awful. Beyond the superficial, where I rarely venture, it should be noted that Litaly comes from a… Read more