Table for Oneitis

Before we get into anything Philly, Cape Cod, or Halloween 2017 in Asbury Park, I need to bridge the gap with some subtext. Welcome to another oneitis page.  This is a page for in-between my adventures, which will set up some of my future adventures to come. It was back in 2016 when I went… Read more

Bartenders, Top of the Pounding Food Chain

I’ve been after this bartender for some time now.  After my initial move did not pan out, I asked the Grand Daddy Dating Poobah, who I wrote about in my Bartender and Catfish blog, how he would attempt this feat.  I will go to this man for advice on this topic at any time since… Read more

The Bartender and The Catfish

The memory of the bartender who I met in Operation ONS stuck out in my mind like a girl using proper grammar on her Tinder bio.  I signaled to my favorite town bouncer that the lothario stampede will be coming through in just a few short days: Of course, I was being tongue in cheek,… Read more


Even my oneitis has oneitis. This may have been mentioned before.  Oneitis, aka fuckmylife-itis.  Beta males in rehab sometimes regress on their journey to becoming an alpha male. It all started here:   I chew on that last part quite often. This is the text that I sent to an ex, Pearl, who had rejected… Read more

The Red Pill

What is the red pill?  I’ll first illustrate it with a recent conversation I had with Lisa and Meg about the laws of dating: Relationships.   Yes, I was like most guys: A beta male for most of my life.  I bought into the romanticized/feminized view of dating during my teens and 20’s.  I had… Read more

The Wife

Ah, the wife.  She’s not really the wife anymore, but for the purposes of this blog, she’s stuck with it. So much went wrong with us.  Marriage sucks in many ways.  No two people happy and hopeful ever set out to fail.  Too much to write about to even begin to scratch the surface of… Read more