The Month of the Mini

My single girlfriends complain that their friends and family hound them regarding dating discretion. Do you think you’re being too closed-minded? Are you sure it was that bad? Give that one another chance, how bad is the criminal record anyway? I feel for the ladies who are left to defend themselves or ignore the barrage… Read more

Dear Demi B8

There comes a time in a woman’s life where you feel immense pride when someone guesses you for a younger age, even 1 year younger than your birth certificate age. When a bouncer cards you. When an intern swore you were in your 20’s. When that guy with the 12-year old look winks at the… Read more

Fertility and the Beast – B7

Fertility and the Beast   Every woman has that “thing” that may impact her dating mojo. You’ve been self-conscious about it, you’ve paid attention to it, you’ve nurtured it, obsessed about it and eventually put it to bed. For some women it is body image, their age or their dating history. After a great length… Read more

The Case of the Brazilian Donkey -B5

He was different. My Brazilian man.   Tall, dark and active with a splash of international. Perfect. He spent his leisure time skydiving, hiking and running and his mind ran with equal vigor. Posing intellectually curious questions about the world, listening to stimulating podcasts, creating innovative start-up companies and traveling every chance he got. And… Read more

Bumble-ing Idiot Flirts with Disaster

Dating stories from your old buddy Christopher Mohammed Shaprio are far and few between, but I’ve got a real fresh one for you here. 10 months ago I finally made progress on losing about 40 pounds that I amassed after a ridiculous separation-to-divorce period.  The weight loss was pretty one sided and vanity based.  This… Read more

Everyone Knows PSA B6

Two minutes in: “I don’t do NJ for 1st dates.” John Bumble: handsome, real estate investor with a strong banter from the Upper East Side. Within a few days of matching and message volleying he asked for my number and secured a date in Union Square. His take-charge alpha nature was attractive compared to the… Read more

Blog Zero

My name is David Shepard.  I’m a 40-year-old divorcee from New Jersey.  It took a lot of work to get here.  Here is a blog about my awesome dating life.  Enjoy. Context The thing about context is, where do you begin?  I could start with marriage, divorce, any point in my two years after my… Read more

Kubbi Lovey and the Case of Online Dating (B3)

Oh naïve little me. Prior to my marriage I was used to meeting men at work or school, being picked up at bars, meeting guys through friends; marrying said man met through friend. You know, the good ol’ days. After completing a decade stint of the monogamous relationship type between ex boyfriends and an ex… Read more